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CaniSun a subsidiary of CBD Brands to Exhibiting at Surf Expo in Orlando, FL, January 8-10

The CaniSun team from CBD Brand will be showing off their fresh launched line of lip balm and sun care products at the Surf Expo 2020 in Orlando, FL, January 8th through 10th.

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CBD Brands Initiates Study to Investigate a Novel Cannabidiol Lotion for the Treatment of Atopic Dermatitis (Eczema)

Today CBD Brands announced that it has initiated a clinical study to investigate the efficacy and safety of its proprietary CBD infused lotion formulations in the treatment of atopic dermatitis (eczema).

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Douglas McKinnon Joins CBD Brands as CFO

Today CBD Brands announced that it has hired Douglas McKinnon as CFO. With more than 35 years’ global corporate finance experience advising companies in Mergers & Acquisitions, Initial Public Offerings and capital raises, Mr. McKinnon brings a wealth of deal experience to the CBD Brands management team.

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CBD Brands Launches Canisun™ CBD infused Sunscreen Products

With launch of new innovative CaniSun™ suncare products, CBD Brands now offers premium Sunscreen infused with Pure and Natural CBD isolate

CBD Brands, Inc., a cutting-edge wellness brand dedicated to providing multiple therapeutic and medical uses of cannabidiol (CBD), today announced the launch of CaniSun™–a line of premium sunscreen lotions infused with pure CBD….

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CBD Brands Appoints Dr. Hector Alila to Board of Directors, Strengthening Company’s Research and Clinical Capacities

CBD Brands, a cutting-edge wellness brand dedicated to exploring the multiple therapeutic and medical uses of cannabidiol (CBD) via a multitude of convenient products, announced today it is appointing Dr. Hector Alila to its Board of Directors. Dr. Alila, brings 30 years of demonstrated leadership in the biopharmaceutical industry and has served as the Founding President and Chief Executive Officer of Esperance Pharmaceutical Inc. for the past 13 years. His experience in guiding the Houston-based Esperance through the clinical development of novel, targeted cancer therapeutics will be key in his role with CBD Brands as he helps lead the company’s innovative and nascent research into the medical and therapeutic uses of CBD in fighting various diseases.

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CBD Brands, Inc. Appoints Dr. Glynn Wilson to CBD Board of Directors

Today CBD Brands, a cutting-edge wellness brand dedicated to exploring the multiple therapeutic and medical uses of cannabidiol (CBD) via a multitude of convenient products, announced that it has appointed Dr. Glynn Wilson to its Board of Directors. Dr. Wilson, who previously served as the Chairman & CEO of TapImmune, Inc. prior to its merger with Marker Therapeutics, Inc., will draw from his more than 20 years of experience in the pharmaceutical industry to help expand clinical trials and research into the effectiveness of cannabidiol in the treatment of cancer as well as in combination therapy with existing cancer treatments on the market.

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Why Should I Choose CBD Brands?

If you aren’t familiar with what CBD is, and the long list of common ailments that daily CBD intake can help you treat, you should read our two blogs covering those subjects.

But, if you’ve decided you want to take the leap and try adding CBD to your daily self-care routine, you still might be wondering, what sets CBD Brands apart from other CBD companies? The answer is simple: everything.

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Why should I use CBD?

By now, you’ve probably heard of some of the health benefits of regular cannabidiol (CBD) intake. It can help treat everything from anxiety to back pain, and if you need a refresher course on what CBD is, our blog exploring the basics of CBD is a great crash course.

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What is CBD?

While millions are familiar, in concept, with CBD and cannabinoids, there still exists a tremendous amount of misunderstanding about what CBD is.
Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few years, there’s a solid chance you’ve heard a friend or someone close to you swear by the benefits of three magical letters: C-B-D.

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What CBD Brands Product is Right For Me?

So, you’ve decided to add cannabidiol (CBD) to your wellness routine–congratulations! You’re about to experience a revolutionary compound with an almost endless list of therapeutic uses from chronic pain relief to the calming of symptoms of anxiety. But, there is an exhaustive amount of CBD products on the market–tinctures, gummies, capsules, and lotions, just to name a few–how do you know which product is right for you?

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